Thursday, 3 May 2012

Welcome to A Footscray Garden

I don't suppose anybody is reading at this point (parents aside... Hi Mum!) but it seems only proper to introduce ourselves. We are John and Ash, a couple of Melbourne city slickers who love good coffee, making lovely things, spending time with our friends and family and attempting to raise 3 well adjusted kids (although, apparently a little bit of childhood disfunction makes for interesting and funny adults.. it's a balancing act!)

So this blog is a place for us to document our experiences as we create our own mini farm in our urban backyard. This is by no means an instructional blog as we are currently feeling our way as complete novices. Only time will tell whether our plants and future livestock will survive. So far so good with the kids so here's hoping! Over the last couple of years we have been blessed to meet some folks who are much further along in their urban-farming journey and it has been a huge inspiration to us. We have also watched episode after episode of River Cottage. An English show hosted by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, a chef-turned-farmer, who lives pretty much self sufficiently by growing fruit and veg, raising livestock, foraging and depending on his community to fill in the gaps. We feel a growing desire to reduce our impact on the environment and make responsible choices for our family, and having a hand in food production is, to us, something that is achievable and very sustainable.

Along for the journey, whether they like it or not, are Miss Ten, Miss Five and Master One. While the little man is somewhat useless in the gardening department at this point (cute as a button however), the girls have been busy raising their own seedlings and starting their own veggie patches with organic  seedlings from CERES Permaculture Nursery.

Over the next few weeks we will be picking up a few new family members of the egg-laying variety and watching this season's garden produce (hopefully) flourish, harvesting a bountiful crop, and cooking up some delicious family friendly meals.

We hope your enjoy our ramblings and follow along as our garden adventure unfolds!

Ash & John