Sunday, 6 May 2012

Our winter garden

As the weather cools down and the trees are ablaze in delicious crimson, orange and sunny yellow hues the time has come to plant our winter garden! Winter is my favourite time for gardening as there is usually plenty of rain and as the green shoots sprout from the earth I get a reminder of living things as a contrast against the bare sleeping branches of the fruit trees. Just a few short weeks ago I was feeling a little despondent about the garden as the straggly leftovers from last season were yet to be removed, the soil needed some love (in the form of chook poo and compost) and it was not yet time to plant our winter veg. Gardening is another of life's lessons in patience. 

John and the girls spent a very productive weekend a fortnight ago planting our hopefully delicious winter veg. Here's hoping we get a bumper crop! 

Now, time to take a little look-see at what we have in our little mini urban farm aka the garden! 
John's old sneaker is lucky enough to get a second life as a marigold planter. 
 Top: Onions and oregano
Bottom: Vietnamese mint and flat leaf parsley
Top: Mint and red cabbage
Bottom: Flowering rosemary and garlic
 Top: Sweet basil and spring onion
Bottom: Broccoli and snow peas
Top: Chillies and Sage
Bottom: Broad beans and a revival of our (assumed dead) choc-mint
Here is our corner patch. We also have another long garden bed and the girls have a patch each in another area of our garden. There are lettuces on the left of this patch but were planted from seeds so wont be visible yet. We are working on the bottle borders a drink at a time so if you are local and have any bottles or jars you care to part with we would welcome them! 

Here's to a productive season!



  1. I love how you used johns old shoes for pots! Looks great! but its also sad he has parted with them so will keep my eyes out at the opshops for another pair!

  2. Ash!! this looks amazing!! ill have to come and have a look soon!!